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Achieve your 2019 goals

by Team Amway Team Amway
Need inspiration to achieve your 2019 goals?

Written by Nelly N


Here’s my four tips to get you started!


SWITCHING back in to work mode after a relaxing holiday can be notoriously hard. You hear the sound of your alarm go off in the morning and are reminded the Christmas/New Year break is sadly over and it’s time for you to go back to work. Resisting the urge to hit the snooze button, you get up and start preparing for the day. I generally start off my morning with a good breakfast – two peanut butter sandwiches, one banana and a cup of coffee.

Like every other year, I make resolutions but hardly ever stick to it. Sure, some goals can be a challenge to achieve and I may even come across obstacles along the way. But it doesn’t mean I should renege! Every year is a fresh-start with a new opportunity at every turn. The following tips can help me kick-start my 2019 in the right direction.


  1. Form a regular sleeping pattern – I like to sleep-in and go to bed late during the holiday break. I mean, isn’t that what holidays are all about anyway? But now that you’re back to the daily grind, it would be worthwhile setting a regular bedtime so you can wake up every day feeling refreshed. Pennsylvania State Universty researchers suggests at least 8 and a half hours of sleep every night to allow our bodies to recharge and restore, Quartz reports. No, I’m not referring to ‘restore to factory settings’ like your iPhone. I remember a time I hadn’t slept well in 72 hours and my heart was racing like a marathon. That’s because our sympathetic nervous system can only truly rest when we’re asleep – our heartbeat slows down which gives our muscles a chance to relax. Daily exercise is also beneficial for a healthy mind and body. There’s just something about the smell of fresh air hitting me in the morning as if it had gained strength throughout the night. If you have time in the morning, go for a 30 min jog, walk or do a few laps at the pool. Working out releases endorphins which in essence can give you that boost of energy for the day or a good “high” as some may call it. If you find yourself slowing down towards the afternoon try taking a sports bar such as the XS™ Fuel BarAvailable in two delicious flavours: Caramel Vanilla Blast and Coffee Blast. My favourite would have to be coffee blast. The texture and flavour really tantalises my taste buds!

  2. Open up a savings/investment account or buy a piggy bank – Are you keen on taking an exotic trip this year? Yes, I would love to hike the picturesque mountains of Switzerland. Or maybe you want to buy that Amway product you’ve had your eyes on? Guilty as charged. I’ve had my eyes set on the ARTISTRY® Personalized Select Serums for a while now. Well whatever it is, saving money is a great initiative towards the bigger things in life, a house, car, or overseas trip. If you often find yourself staring at shop windows with sore eyes, you don’t have to be hard on yourself all the time and deny life’s pleasures. I’m entitled to a reward on the occasion, as long as I’m not going overboard. Work out how much money you can afford to sacrifice every week and put that into your savings. If you’ve splurged money during the holidays buying Christmas presents or you’ve just taken advantage of the end of year sales. Either way, your bank account probably looks a little empty. Don’t fret. We all share the same affliction this time of the year! Perhaps talk to your bank about organising a periodical payment. Set a goal that you want to reach and work towards it.
  3. Declutter your life – Now’s the perfect time to get rid of bad habits. Maybe start off with throwing out junk in your home. Simplicity and cleanliness can actually help improve your overall mood and give you the fresh-start that you need. Especially if you work hard like me and crunched for time. I get overwhelmed as soon as I come home and see all the household cleaning I have to do. For all household cleaning I switched to the L.O.C™ range like kitchen cleaner, bathroom cleaner, glass cleaner and multi-purpose cleaner, etc. As our L.O.C products are in concentrate form, hence it saves money and leaves time for leisurely activities.

  4. Revitalise your body – Life is always throwing stress at me. I mean just look at the cost of living going up every day. Almost everything has become a subscription. Nothing is free anymore, except for air. Having to constantly maintain yourself is such a difficult job. But it doesn’t necessarily need to be if you take things under control. Our Nutriway® Vitamin B complete helps to combat fatigue during your hardworking busy day. Packed with all B essential vitamins, take 1 tablet a day and you’ll start to feel great! Always read the label. Use as directed, if symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.

Let good vibes spread through your life in 2019!

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