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Making a Difference to families living with Autism

Making a Difference to families living with Autism

Congratulations Amway Founding Volunteers - Tony and Mary Henderson


Mary is one of the three Founding Trustees for the ASD Kids Trust. Established in 2004, this Trust brings together families and professionals to provide hands-on, practical services and solutions that make a difference for families living with autism. They offer fitness and recreational activities to children and adults with Autism, and encourage their family and friends to join in so they can learn how to play together.  


A quick conversation with Mary opened our eyes to what her innermost passion is…


Q. How did you first get involved with ASD Kids Trust?

As a parent of a child with autism, I did a lot of research and found that there was great information on nutrition and educational needs for those with Autism, however, there was a lack of inclusive recreational activities and sports for people with Autism, especially within a typical Kiwi community.


Sporting activities within local communities to attend are for sure a huge gap within most clubs and recreational groups. So we wanted to create opportunities where families could participate as families, build lifelong skills and be a part of the community; that is why the ASD Kids Trust was created. Part of what we do is to up skill clubs and coaches so they expand sports and recreation for everyone.


Q. Why has volunteering become a passion for you?

I believe that every kid has a human right to be part of the community, to have good nutrition and be in good health; and being able to move is all a part of that. We want to provide opportunities for families to get active, work together and have fun.


Q. What message would you like to share with others?

I believe that volunteering your time, whether you’re visiting someone with specific needs due to injury or age, helping children with disabilities or anyone in need, is not something that you wait to do but is something you do throughout your life. Volunteering helps build a better community that is inclusive and connected, so I encourage all of you not to wait but to volunteer in your community today.   


Thank you Mary for your dedication to the ASD Kids Trust and being the change in your community!

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